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This is Ozmatic a.k.a. O.Z............. Welcome to my Page!!! I'm a 24 year old M.C. Residing from The San Francisco,California. My overall musical sound consists on what i listen to and what i listen to is pretty much everything! (except for country, super poppy shit & metal.. ) basically what i feel is what i write and what i write is who i am. i do this music because i love this shit. NO BULLSHIT. if i dont do it, i dont say it. the people that are my Fans/Family understand that my souls recorded in wax or it releases when i perform. its the only way i know how. being real to me is how i live. I demand respect.... or i will snatch it straight from your fist!..i live with that mentality...if you want good music, dope puma kicks, baseball, or just some of that random dope shit, your home :) One Love.

October 4, 2012 10:01 pm